OUT NOW!: FULL CIRCLE VOL.1 by Goodnight Moon Recordings

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OUT NOW!: FULL CIRCLE VOL.1 by Goodnight Moon Recordings

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Goodnight Moon Recordings presents FULL CIRCLE VOL.1 EP



Various Artists - FULL CIRCLE VOL.1 EP
Cat#: GNMR001
Release Date: 28th January 2013
Available at Beatport exclusively

1. Claire - Undiscovered Secrets
2. Winterlight - Hear
3. I-Cue - Indian Girl
4. Curlee Peloso - My Home
5. Quenum - My Resolution
6. RJ Valeo - V3
7. Suz vs Seb Steimel - Disseminating
8. Winter - Waiting
9. Isoteric - Walk On

Goodnight Moon Recordings was founded by Stefny Winter. Inspired by a book that she reads to her son before bed, she wanted to bring together a charitable cause with her passion of music. From this she was inspired to create a non-profit record label where proceeds will go to The Montreal Childrens Hospital Foundation. Working with good friend and former fellow Sister NYC member, DJ and producer, Winter Clark (label manager), they combine their passions. The label is focuses on down-tempo, trip-hop, jungle, house and techno made from and for the soul.


Full Circle starts off with Claire's "Undiscovered Secrets" which begins with a
manipulated passage of a voice speaking of composer John Cage. The piece begins
with gentle melodic sample manipulation and evolves into a psychedelic composition

with skittering, abstract, rhythmic geometries. Next is Hear's "Winterlight" which
initializes as a deep resonance, much akin to Sunn O))), where it evolves to be
spattered with glittering jazzy chords and scales. A hefty & slow house rhythm ignites
the piece's fire into a journey that is dark yet very warm like a fire on a winter night.

I-Cue steps in with his piece "Indian Girl" which carries an immense trip-hop groove
sparkled with hypnotic indigenous chanting and percussion. Curlee Peloso (aka
Mossa) takes over for the fourth piece entitled "My Home" which is a beautiful
excursion in liquid drum and bass built to exceptionally precise standards which
contort one's mind into an intricate visual dance.

The next page in the journey comes with Quenum's "My Resolution" where sunny
afternoon brilliance is injected gently and melodically into one's core. Isomer Transition
(aka RJ Valeo) walks in with "V3"which is a jazzy, late night, exercise in broken beats
lined with softly angular chords and glowing bass.

Continuing with late night sensations is Suz vs Seb Steimel's "Disseminating Flow"
which, as the title invitingly suggests, flows and spreads through you as it progresses;
a smooth flow of ember-glow chords woven with gemstones of Suz's deep spoken
word. Next up is Winter; her garage-style track “Waiting” weaves an abstract, melancholy, broken
beat structure wrapped in gauzy, windblown, sheets of gently sung vocals.

Concluding Full Circle is Isoteric's "Walk On By" which is a low slung down-tempo ride
through shadowy night streets, enveloped in the greenish amber of distant city lights
refracting through a mist gently hung from a crescent-moon lit sky.

Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/full-circle-vol-1/1029414

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