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DJ Narrows "WatchTower EP"- Get your Limited Edition CD

Postby Narrows » Tue Feb 05, 2013 9:49 am


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Training like a shaolin monk DJ Narrows has been in the studio, the matrix of his mind - Training harder, reaching higher levels of sound production and subconscious.

A: The WatchTower
B: The Resistance
C: Claustrum
D:Burn Babylon

Listen here:
Each CD sleeve artwork is an original graffiti/stencil by DJ Narrows which is signed and numbered out of 100.

- The WatchTower, aka Big Brother, aka the Evil Eye, aka Illuminati aka Babylon ...the system of fear, control and manipulation goes by many names.

In this SoulCraft instalment, Narrows breaks down the Walls of Babylon with his destructive trumpets, attacking the system with his formidable gusto and stomping basslines, Narrows blurs the lines of reality in his distinctive 4x4/UKG/House mashup style. These valuable vibrations are made to serve and enhance your brain, well-being and your music collection.

SoulCraft. "The vessel of the unconscious mind floating into the universe"

Available NOW on CD Format Only:

YouTube: ... afted-cds/

(COPYRIGHT 2013) DJ NARROWS (prs/mcps/m.u.)
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