TMRW - Memories From The Future Ep (STO006)

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TMRW - Memories From The Future Ep (STO006)

Postby soignetesoreilles » Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:28 am


Hello FgForum! The New TMRW Ep is out now on Soigne Tes Oreilles, free download exclusively on Bandcamp!
Memories From The Future Ep contains 4 tracks and 4 remixes by rising star artists around bass music genre.
Let's you transport in a space travel where infinite makes sense. 'Jetlag Yourself' as opening track is when astonauts are back from space. Their bodies has a biological rhythms disorder.
You never had this feeling of having already experienced a moment of your life, 'Memories From The Future 'is this moment on your trip you thought you already been here. At this moment, 'Today's Present' comes, and you just enjoy this time.
As a shoot out to the captain of the flight, 'Latitude' shows how much patience he needs to bring the "Space Opera" safely to the destination.
Four remixes by friends and promising remixers, as germans LO' who seriously add his unique touch, followed by his compatriot ▲KI.▲KI bringing the vibe in a huge Dub genre. Arshaw, that talented UK producer demonstrates meanwhile the efficiency of Uk Garage. Finally, The Horses send all their influences from Shanghai with sonorities House & Bass.
Mastering by The Horses.
Exclusively distributed on Bandcamp.


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