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Future Garage on Wiki Thread

Postby admin » Wed Nov 04, 2009 3:24 pm

I thought it would be a good idea to make a dedicated thread for the (forthcoming, hopefully) wiki article.
to this end i have quoted previous posts below to get the ball rolling:

Littlefoot wrote:What did everyone think of that WIKI btw?

from the Future Garage facebook group

Big up who ever made the Future Garage wiki entry, unfortunately it was deleted as its apparently a "neologism" at the moment, but we will get there soon! the article is/was spot on, we just need that official "press quote" for wiki to keep it online.

Read the article that was posted below;

"Future Garage" is a catchall term for producers/DJs, mostly associated with the Dubstep scene, creating new sounds with the UK Garage template. Other names such as Psychedelic Garage and Detroit 2step were also used on forums to described these artists, but Future Garage has recently stuck and has appeared on flyers, descriptions on press releases and some labels such as L2S Recordings and Night Audio have claimed the name for artists on their roster. It can be seen as a reaction to macho/aggressive and swing-less Dubstep domination the clubs.

Many artists described at Future Garage's sounds cross over with other scenes, specifically UK Funky and Wonky Hip Hop.

Stylistically many artists use heavily over shuffled 2step beats, 8 bit computer game samples, warped vocals, Grime esque detuned leads and sidechaining.

When wiki recognise Future Garage the page will be here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Future_Garage

Notecrusher wrote:we can prolly get it back w/ proper attention to how they like things arranged and formatted on wiki. the wire magazine quote here will help to establish credibility:
http://extramusicnew.blogspot.com/2009/ ... onics.html

too bad the mj cole quote was on twitter and not on the web.

Whistla wrote:it's great that its getting out to more people, i would love to hear some mj cole future garage productions!
the wiki is defo something i think we should be aiming to get approved, as that is a first point of contact for loads of interested parties who might be told "it's future garage mate" and next is: right im wiki-ing this stuff
who wrote that wiki stuff btw? just curious
but yeh i think there are 2 quotes we can pull from Joe Muggz in the Wire, i'll hit him up for links to articles he has written saying Future Garage, i'm sure he wont mind helping out.

Notecrusher wrote:yeh, whoever did it, did it the right way -- same as w/ skweee where they put a link in the main electro article that linked to the skweee page. (loads of people found out about skweee thru wiki.) the link in the main garage article is still there which is cool, but it links to nothing since the future garage article was pulled.

was the wire piece in the print mag? wiki is keen on seeing print articles as a means to "legitimize" a topic. for the skweee wiki a print article was scanned to pdf, uploaded somewhere and that was linked from the wiki. if there's only online stuff from the wire i still think it'll fly cos the wire has cred. one other thing i can tell you is do NOT link to myspace from the main article, they go ballistic over that. but you can put myspace links in the footnotes.

Dom wrote:I think we have put FG on a few flyers if that helps...

admin wrote:some highlighted quotes referencing future garage (be warned tho they arent all positive, but they show its a name in current usage)

FaltyDL: Bravery EP; by Joe Muggs. Friday, 02 October 2009. FACT Magazine - ... =firefox-a

The month in...Bass; by Tom Lea. Tuesday, 03 November 2009. FACT Magazine - http://www.factmagazine.co.uk/index.php ... Itemid=105

The Joe Muggs in the Wire i cant find actually online anywhere, bu this one on Rough Trade might be a good link to try using: ... =firefox-a
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Re: Future Garage on Wiki Thread

Postby foundsound » Sat Nov 21, 2009 3:12 am

i must say i think the term post-garage is more appropriate than future garage but perhaps thats frivolous here
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