[BTN]Soundclash: IN THE FACE vs ERISIAN (Bass/Garage vs Tek)

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[BTN]Soundclash: IN THE FACE vs ERISIAN (Bass/Garage vs Tek)

Postby In The Face » Tue Jan 27, 2015 3:27 pm


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After years of mutual coexistence and even collaboration, tensions have frayed with Erisian getting in a bit of collective tantrum over ITF swiping one of their dates.

Following some heated exchanges things went from tetchy to sour - culminating in ITF releasing a war dub slating Erisian.

Since then the insults have thickened, the gloves are off and the lines have been drawn for these nights first ever soundclash....

Expect a night full of dubs & disses with room 1 of the Volks transformed into a an 'us vs them' battleground, separated by two rigs & ultimately only one victor.


"Death to garage" - C & 3B's

"Fuck Hardtek" - G'ashton

"It all sounds like house music met skrillex down a dark alley" - Erisian

"Pikey aspiring, bourgeois anarchists" - In The Face

✖✖✖ ROOM 1 ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖

★ Soundclash WAR! - 2 Rig Showdown ★

- Kanji Kinetic (ITF)

- Katch Pyro (Erisian)

- Deadbeat (ITF)

- C3B (Erisian)

- Audio Gutter (ITF)

- Fucknose (Erisian + ITF!)

- General Waste (Erisian)

- Gash (ITF)

- Test Tube Rabies (Erisian)

- Simtek (ITF)

- Robert MuGabba & Idi Amen (Erisian)

- OOK (Erisian)

- L Mutant (Erisian)

✖✖✖ ROOM 2 ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖

★ Originate & Jungle Alliance ★

Extra Rig provided by Zulu Soundsystem

East Court

Playing - Oldskool Hardcore 92-94 • D&B • Jungle • Ragga Jungle • Ragga & Dubplates

✖✖✖ MUSIC ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖

ERIS003: Vicious Matter
3 x Ragga Tek / DnB Dance Floor Movers!
https://soundcloud.com/erisian/sets/eri ... -matter-ep

ERIS002: Major Upset - Major Look, Major Stare
2 x Ragga Jungle bangers and 2 x Gypsy infused Jungle / Core.
https://soundcloud.com/erisian/major-up ... jor-stare/

ERIS001: All Hail Eris
http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/51 ... n-001-v-a-

Download @ http://erisian.info/

ITF002: Simtek - Furry Muff
https://soundcloud.com/intheface/simtek ... ep-preview

ITF001: Kanji Kinetic & Co - Assimilate

Download @ http://intheface.me/

✖✖✖ INFO ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖

Stick your own name on the wall and it's *£5*

For those of you who prefer to rock up on the night it's 3 nuggets extra.

Oh and ;)
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