LDN. 18th Jan. A New Afro Event featuring Romare, Bass Clef

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LDN. 18th Jan. A New Afro Event featuring Romare, Bass Clef

Postby THEM » Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:58 pm


The Launch Party // From the people behind THEM and The Peoples Ear: London's first Electronic music event dedicated to African sound. Music including the cross-pollination of UK Electronic music, House, Techno and African music, Angolan Kuduro, Ghanaian Highlife, Nigerian Afro beat and Kenyan Benga - the perfect mix to dance to, on a Funktion One sound system and with dedicated visuals all night – for just £5.



Romare LIVE A/V

Bass Clef LIVE

& Residents:

The Busy Twist

Moto & Bagheera



£5 from http://tiny.cc/Kartel1

Flyer Art By Katy Binks - http://katybinks.tumblr.com/



What music to expect at Kartel - http://www.afrokartel.tumblr.com

Like us - http://facebook.com/afrokartel

Home of The Busy Twitst - http://www.thepeoplesear.com/


Romare (Black Acre) is a relatively newer artist becoming recognised for a notable talent. He has developed a textured and brooding sound based around Uk post dubstep and techno sounds of recent years but redefined with African instruments and music and drum patterns taken from Afro Beat, Highlife and Tribal traditions. The result is infectious and engaging. He brings his own visual show to Kartel too, a reel of tribal drummers and patterns, which he recently aired on the Boiler room - http://tiny.cc/romare

Bass Clef (Punch Drunk) is an artist who really connects with several music traditions outside of UK bass music and reinterprets them into his own. He is noted for bringing his trombone to live shows as a nod to his enduring Jazz influences. He has become involved in African Rhythms and the sounds of Nigerian Afro Beat and Kenyan Benga in his production and he has introduced a London Bass Music crowd to the sounds of Afrobeat in his DJ sets, recently on The Boiler Room. One sch work out can be heard here - http://tiny.cc/bassclef

And Kartel Residents:

The Busy Twist (Soundway records) are very much part of the musical backbone of Kartel. Theirs is an uplifting and infectious take on Highlife and Ghanian music influenced by the country and its musicians first hand, on their regular trips to Ghana. The duo The Busy Twist record the tracks there, collaberating with the best musical and vocal talents, and electronic instrumentation is mixed with their live recordings. The influence of UK dance music has been informative in their past,and just relevant enough that the tracks translate in the club, allowing the Ghanaian idea to remain intact. Listen -

Moto & Bagheera are the DJ/Promoters of Kartel. Moto is also the promoter and resident DJ of an alternative Electronic club night in London called THEM they soon found that as well as dance music they both shared the passion for Afro Beat, Soweto and Highlife music. They began to compile mixes of largely Afro music, and its cross pollination with UK House and Techno, and begun to wonder why no one was putting a regular night on. Here is an afro mix by them - http://www.mediafire.com/?r6br5qrqd1x73rc
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